Celebration of Manufacturing 

Thank you for your interest in the Forsyth County Manufacturer of the Year awards competition. We have kept the nomination form as concise as possible and offer these criteria as a guide for completing the application package. Please note that these criteria represent the measurements of evidence and effectiveness, which will be used to score the applications. Businesses must have been in operation for a minimum of three (3) years in Georgia. PLEASE NOTE: 1.) Companies are allowed to nominate yourself and 2.) Incomplete nominations are okay.  Please fill out as much information as possible, and Chamber staff will follow-up to gather the necessary additional information.  Best of luck!! 



Business should demonstrate corporate responsibility throughout initiatives such as: 

a) Company-sponsored community involvement efforts (literacy, mentoring, volunteer programs, United Way participation, etc.) 

b) Civic involvement (Kiwanis, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce activities, etc.) 

c)  Educational partnerships (school volunteer projects, youth outreach, Adopt-a-School programs/donations, underwriting of events, etc.) 

d) Corporate citizenship honors from industry, government or community groups 

e) Other examples 



Business should demonstrate economic growth through: 

a) Years in the community 

b) Economic impact  (revenues, capital investment, growth of new jobs, or other impact as appropriate) 

c) Other examples 



Business should demonstrate a commitment to workforce excellence through examples such as: 

a) Programs which help  employees balance work and family life issues (flex-time, job-sharing, transportation pools, subsidized or company-sponsored childcare or transportation programs, telecommuting, compressed work week, part-time scheduling, school-year scheduling, etc.) 

b) Employee education programs (tuition reimbursement, personal development seminars, staff development planning, etc.) 

c) Diversity awareness (diversity committees, multicultural awareness initiatives, special outreach efforts, etc.) 

d) Employee recognition/rewards (employee of the month/year, gain-sharing, profit-sharing, special investment programs, etc.) 


Awards will be given in each category. The Manufacturer of the Year will be selected from all entries. 

 SMALL MANUFACTURER Awarded to a company that employs 1-150 full-time (or equivalent) workers. 

 MEDIUM MANUFACTURER Awarded to a company that employs 151-500 full-time (or equivalent) workers. 

 LARGE MANUFACTURER Awarded to a company that employs 500 or more full-time (or equivalent) workers. 



Nomination Form

  1. Companies being nominated must meet a minimum requirement of having been in business for three years.

  2. Category

  3. Address as many of the following criteria that apply to the above-named manufacturer. Attach any relevant forms, if applicable/available.
  4. Economic Impact

  5. Corporate Responsibility

  6. Workforce Excellence

  7. A) Identify programs related to the balance of work/family life.
  8. B) Identify employee education programs.
  9. C) Identify diversity awareness programs.
  10. D) Identify employee recognition and rewards programs.
  11. Other

  12. * Companies are allowed to nominate themselves.